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    July 14, 2012 by M1870

    July 14, 2012< User blog:AngryGodzillaPie I'm thinking of killing myself,As I'm just a no-good RPer.I'm of no use to anybody here.Simply,should the pistol shoot me,or,go back in the gun drawer? You comment and give an explanation.This is NOT a joke.So,that is all. Category:

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    Anonymous User Log in? *[1]Angry, please do not do this. If you do, you will regret it. You are not a nuisance, and you are not just a "speck in the world". You deserve to be on this planet. You are a really cool and smart user, and an awesome roleplayer. Please don't kill yourself at all. We all care about you, and we don't want you to do this. 5 minutes ago by Sboy13Reply

    • [2]I promise you in the name of the lord. You'll regr…

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    July 11, 2012 by M1870
    • M1870You want to be an Admin again?
    • 11:56Awesomeness115Yeah. He just thinks me leaving as an excuse. Thats another reason why i left
    • 11:56M1870Can't you see that Rack is lying to you?
    • 11:57Awesomeness115I knew it from the damn beggining
    • 11:57M1870He doesn't want to Admin you because there is... Saber...
    • 11:57Awesomeness115Yup, i knew that would happen too
    • 11:58M1870You were right about Saber replacing you... The best you can hope for is being a Rollback or Chat Mod....
    • 11:58Awesomeness115Thats what i have said from the beggining
    • 11:58M1870I know... when this all started...
    • why do u keep on leaving?
    • There might be a way to get your adminship back,,,
    • but you have to beg...
    • 12:00Awesomeness115There is no way i am begging
    • 12:00M1870Do you really want to be…
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